Fullmoon Tonight

– Pedagogy series-


Long ago, when there was no electricity, moonlight played a great role in illuminating the darkness.

“Full moon tonight “ is based on an old Japanese style of text and composition, and was inspired by the Japanese children’s song “Dooyoo” (童謡). The song expresses the exuberance of a full moon when a lover might come visit at night.

A Bachelor of Education holder and working as an educator in a Kindergarten in Germany since 2020, Manami N. conveys her knowledge of physical movements to 3-year-olds and in this video suggests dance moves that could be performed by small children. She choreographed it herself, dressed in a rabbit costume, which plays an important role in the song.

In Japan, a rabbit lives on the moon and this imagery comes from the Buddhist story „Jataka tales”. In this particular story, three animals decided to offer an old man several things, because he looked ill. Only the rabbit could not find anything to offer, so he ultimately threw himself into the burning fire and offered himself as a meal. Because of his benevolent behaviour, the rabbit was reflected on the moon for all other creatures to see.

Behind this funny visual image is a concept for the next generation that aims at fostering the love of nature and people.


Panda & illustrations: Saiko Ryusui

Dance and choreography for the solo performance: Takushi Minagawa

Camera: Andrea Girardo-Crocini

Special thanks – clawing: Cappy Nagahari