CV /Project funding/Residency

2023Chosen “A three-month fellowship” at Schloss Wiepersdorf for 2024

The project proposal ” SENRYUS” has been short-listed for IRCAM’s artistic research residency program for 2023-2024.
2022Senate Department for Culture and Europe Department of Culture, Berlin, Germany
(Work stipends New Music and sound art)
2020 Senate Department for Culture and Europe Department of Culture, Berlin, Germany
(Travel allowances for work abroad)
2017 Käthe-Dorsch- u. Agnes-Straub -Stiftung
2016 District Office Pankow, Berlin, Office For Further Education and Culture, Department of Art and Culture
( Project “7,25 strahlung”)

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Schleswig-Holstein
Performances (selected)  
2021“ MEINE SCHWARZEN SÄCKE UNTER DER GRÜNEN PLASTIKPLANE“ Make the invisible visible. – 35 years after Tschernobyl, 10 years after Fukushima- Heinrich-Böll Stiftung, Berlin, Germany
„N + AI – A tribute to Takemitsu II – ” Hörspielsommer Festival, Leipzig, Germany
“ MSSUDGP Version DMF“ Berliner Hörspiel Festival, Berlin, Germany
„N + AI – – A tribute to Takemitsu II – ” eviMus Festival, Saarbrücken, Germany
2017 „ Without Love make Heimat“ Edition Heroines of Sound – Kantine Berghain, Berlin Germany
2016 “ 7,25 strahlung” ausland Berlin
2015 “The L and R problem” Expat Expo, English theatre Berlin
2014 “Public Privacy” Photo exhibition by Marc Volk, Galerie im Rathaus Tempelhof, Berlin Germany
2013 “Relevante Musik- Festival of political media art, performance and music”, Berlin Germany
2012 “99Luftballons radioaktivität version” Fruehsorge contemporary drawings Berlin, Germany
2012 “Morgenvogel festival” Zionskirche, Berlin, Germany
2012 “Hörbar-Ausklang festival / Frieder Butzmann+Manami. N + Das Unpreetzise Klang-Labor” , Hamburg, Germany
2011 “Kill Wasabi release party” Salon remise, Berlin, Germany
2011 “Privatelektro 10 Year anniversary” Galerie KUB,Leipzig, Germany
2011 “share NYC”, Issue Project Room, NYC, US
2011 “Manami N. and SHTP” Galerie eigenheim, Weimar, Germany
2010 “A seed night” elevete, Osaka; Japan
2010 UrBANGUILD, kyoto, Japan
2010 “obPHON festival” Oberland in Kirschau, Germany
2010 “Nöe + Manami N.” L.U.X., Berlin, Germany
2010 “Headphone festival 2010″ Pécs, Hungary
2009 Antje oeklesund
2009 “Music on Friday” Bügerhaus Kalk, köln, Germany
2009 “SIMULTAN video and media art festival”, Timisoara, Romania
2009 “F/Stop Festival” Vernissage, Handelshöge Zentrum, Leipzig, Germany
2009 “salzburg recital 3″,Kunstraum t27, Berlin, Germany
2008 “Transmediale(La-condition-japonaise)”, M12 Berlin, Germany
2008 “() RE | BOOT” Area 10 Project space, London UK
2008 “Headphone Festival” pecs, Hungry
2008 “Avandgarde Festival” schiphorst, Germany
2007 “Frank Badur/SIMPLE LINES-DEEP SSPACES” Fruehsorge contemporary drawings Berlin, Germany
2005 “joint venture #5″ Zentrale-Randlage e.V. Berlin, Germany
2005 “privatelektro & alula ton serien 04″der galerie für zeotgenössische kunst, Leipzig, Germany
2005 the caedonia, Liverpool, UK
2005 “transmission Manchester” the Retro Bar, Manchester,UK