Kill Wasabi

Music Video Clips  for the Album “Kill-Wasabi”  was released by Privatelektro, Germany.

Full version of “The theme of Kill Wasabi” promotion video

The video is combining two very different elements:
The first part (20 Seconds) which functions as an introduction is making direct visual and musical reference to Ninkyo Films ( this yakuza-film genre became famous in Europe via Quentin Tarantino’s film “Kill Bill” which it strongly has influenced). This part was realised by Japanese filmdirector Takumi Kudo of Dorobo in Tokyo.
It also works like a trailer in the way big film productions want to catch attraction for their new cinema releases,a format nowadays you find on plattforms like youtube.
And the second part (1:40 Min) is mixing two sources: Flash Dance (the famous dance film from the 80s which depicts the American dream of success through hard work) combined with the typical low-budget style of japanese Karaoke videos.

Kawaita Sabaku(乾いた砂漠) visual by Tsaworks

I put the title of the English translation as ” I’m in the desert”.
Facing the endless horizon of the desert space, one(me) is forced to higher degree of self-reflection and perception of the own body. The outer space transcends the inner space, there is thirst and isolation.


About  the title”Kill Wasabi”
Although it is very rare to find in Germany once I got a fresh Wasabi root. Wasabi has its special role as a herb in Japan and even we Japanese don’t use it much…always a small bit with Sushi, raw fish or Noodles. I was wondering how should I use it in a short time. And suddenly I remembered one dish which requires a lot of fresh Wasabi. The dish comes from my parent’s birth place, a small village of Niigata city, on the northwest side of Japan. My mother made this Wasabi dish every new year’s day. I have never tried before but now I was curious how to prepare this by myself. The dish is simply cooked vegetables with chicken, after it gets cold, mixed with a lot of grated fresh Wasabi. But I remembered that the dish was not always “spicy”, and when it was not sufficiently spicy, my mother always said ” sorry, this year was not successful.” And I asked myself: What can happen to such an easy process?
Then I found the recipe on the internet. It goes like that…
“…most important is, before you grate fresh Wasabi, put the Wasabi into boiled water for a second…We call this process “Wasabi o Korosu (=”Kill wasabi” in English) and if you can kill Wasabi well, the dish will be successful!”
It sounded very interesting for me, I never thought that Wasabi as a herb should be boiled and it makes the Wasabi flavour even stronger than before. Somehow I saw a connection to making music…just trying unorthodox or unusual things even I think “it’s never going to work.” It is important and I should keep this attitude for my music. This album’s title “Kill Wasabi” has two meanings… one is paying tribute to my roots coming from a small village in Japan and the other is, in a more general understanding, great paradoxical metapher: to kill something, to make it even stronger and to reveal a certain quality!

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